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Dodgers 1st and 3rd base 2016 Predictions

I know this prediction was supposed to be about the Dodgers 1st baseman, but with the regular season right around the corner, I have decided to merge it with the 3rd baseman. Here are my predictions for Gonzalez and Turner:

Adrian Gonzalez - Having been the center piece to the Dodger's lineup since his arrival, Gonzalez should be just as important in 2016. Even though his power has diminished slightly, Adrian still has the ability to hit to all fields. Due to the fact that Dodger stadium is a pitchers ballpark, his power numbers will decline slightly more in 2016 than in previous years. The Dodgers have a strong top of the order with the arrival of Seager, which should give Gonzalez plenty of opportunities this year to drive in runs. Here is my 2016 prediction for Adrian.

2015                                               2016
       AB - 571                                        AB - 560
   R - 76                                             R - 80
     HR - 28                                          HR - 25
      RBI - 90                                         RBI - 90
 SB - 0                                             SB - 0
           AVG - 0.275                                   AVG - 0.275
           OBP -  0.350                                  OBP - 0.345
             SLUG - 0.480                                SLUG - 0.465
          OPS - 0.830                                   OPS - 0.810
   BB - 62                                          BB - 55
  K - 107                                          K - 105

Justin Turner - 2015 was the best year of Turners career to date, and so far this spring he is showing no signs of slowing down. Like Gonzalez, Turner is another important asset for the Dodgers to be able to contend in 2016. The key to Turner will be his health, and if his knees can hold up throughout the year. I'm a firm believer that this will be the case, and that Justin will have another successful year in 2016.

2015                                               2016
      AB - 385                                        AB - 440
 R - 55                                             R - 65
    HR - 16                                          HR - 15
     RBI - 60                                         RBI - 70
 SB - 5                                             SB - 3
         AVG - 0.294                                  AVG - 0.297
         OBP -  0.370                                  OBP - 0.365
           SLUG - 0.491                                SLUG - 0.475
        OPS - 0.861                                   OPS - 0.840
  BB - 36                                          BB - 40
K - 71                                             K -75

What's up next? Predictions for 2B/SS. Stay tuned - all my predictions WILL be finished up before the start of the 2016 regular season! As always, GO BLUE! and be sure to follow on Twitter! @bleednblueblog


  1. I'm wondering about the more at bats and less home runs for Turner.

    One thing I want to bring up. It is true that dodger stadium is a pitcher's park. But the Dodgers did hit more homeruns last year then anyone else. So it didn't seem to be an issue last year.

  2. I wish I could find the stats on that. I'm willing to bed the Dodgers bit more homeruns on the road then they did at Dodger stadium.

  3. Lucky for you I found it, 187 homeruns, 97 at dodger stadium, 90 on the road.

  4. Nicely done! It would be worth seeing how many homeruns were hit at Dodger Stadium last year compared to other stadiums. That would be the deciding factor for me.

  5. I think I just proved that it's not going to affect the Dodgers anyway, that's who we are talking about. I see Turner if heathy getting at least 20 homeruns.
    At least if he gets that many at bats.
    I think you got it about right on the A-Gone. I could see him declining a bit. He is getting older. Would be interesting to see Ballinger for next spring.


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