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LA Dodgers Season Preview

Hello everyone and welcome to BleedNBlue, home to your latest Dodgers blog.
My goal is that these posts will be interactive, bringing Dodger Fans together for open discussion. I would love to hear what other peoples’ thoughts are in regards to each topic. Please feel free to leave comments or follow me on Twitter. @BleednBlueBlog

With that, let’s get started!

The regular season is right around the corner, so what better way to kickoff our discussion than with “My Projected Lineup”.  Please comment and post your projections. I would love to hear what you guys think about the Dodgers 2016 Lineup!

Line Up:

2nd Base - Howie Kendrick
 Short Stop - Corey Seager (L)
3rd Base - Justin Turner
1st Base - Adrian Gonzalez (L)
Right Field - Yasiel Puig
Left Field - Andre Ethier (L)
Center Field - Joc Pederson (L)
Catcher - Yasmani Grandal (S)
Starting Pitcher - Starting Pitcher

Starting Rotation:

  1. Clayton Kershaw (L)      
  2. Kenta Maeda
  3. Scott Kazmir (L)
  4. Mike Bolsinger
  5. Alex Wood (L)

Let’s go over the projected lineup, starting from the bottom and working our way up. Yasmani is in the 8th spot to give Pederson some protection. With Yasmani’s vision around the plate, his walk total has the potential to be a career high this year. Dave Roberts has already stated Pederson will be roaming CF for the Dodgers on opening day. If he stays there for the remainder of the season is still yet to be determined. With Pederson coming off his second half woes, and the Dodgers acquiring Trayce Thompson from the White Sox in the off-season, Pederson could be on the hot seat if he has a slow start. I put Pederson in the 7th spot of the lineup because I think a large part of his woes are due to him hitting in the 8th spot of the lineup last year.  With having some more protection behind him, and if Pederson is able to work himself into some more hitter’s counts, it could be the ingredients for success and returning to his 2015 first half numbers. Andre Ethier will be the main staple in LF this year, barring injury. Scott Van Slyke will handle some LF when facing lefties, but other than that I see Ethier manning the position for most of the season. His defense is better than any other OF on the bench, except for the possibility of Trayce Thompson if he starts the season on the MLB club. With Crawford being expendable it will be interesting to see what management decides. Crawford will be unlikely to take a bench role, when he could be starting elsewhere. At any rate, I have Ethier/Van Slyke in the 6th spot of the lineup. Yasiel Puig will be hitting in the 5th spot of the lineup.  With the MLB investigation now over with, Puig can focus on baseball and work on getting back to his 2014 form. Puig is the most intriguing out fielder on the Dodgers MLB roster. If he gets off to a hot start in 2016, management may be able to move Puig for a decent return. Dodgers have enough OF prospects that are Major League ready to fill the void if a trade is made. Adrian Gonzalez should have another typical year. Even with getting older, Gonzalez continues to produce at a very high level. Not to mention he’s one of the best defensive first baseman in the league. Gonzalez will need to be one of the core contributors again in 2016 if the Dodgers want to compete. Justin Turner is coming off his best season in the Major Leagues. It will be interesting if he can continue that through the 2016 campaign. The only thing that may slow Turner down is his nagging knee injuries. If Turner can stay healthy he should be manning 3rd base and the 3-hole for the Dodgers in 2016. The top prospect in baseball, Corey Seager, will be the starting short stop for the Dodgers on opening day (barring an injury). The Rookie of the Year candidate has the potential to become a staple in the 2 spot of the Dodgers lineup for a very long time. With his height and frame eventually moving him to 3rd base later on in his career, Seager could also end up batting in the middle of the order for the Dodgers as well. Seager’s upside is tremendous and should be an exciting player for Dodgers Nation to watch. Howie had a typical Kendrick year in 2015. Even though Kendrick is not your typical lead off hitter, and doesn’t provide a tremendous amount of speed, he does get on base quite often. With Kendrick getting on base at a high rate, it should take the pressure off and give Seager plenty of opportunities for some RBI’s.

Next up is the Starting Rotation. The first three starters of the rotation are pretty much set. Wood and Bolsinger are working this spring to decide who will be the 4th and 5th starters of the rotation. Based on Woods season last year and his spring start this year I have him slated as the #5 starter.  As the season progresses and players come back from injury I am predicting Wood will end up as a long reliever. If Bolsinger or Wood struggles out of the gate, I would not be surprised to see Dodger Management give Lee a chance in the rotation.

Now that the first post of BleedNBlue has come to an end, make sure to submit your suggestions for other topics you would like covered by commenting below or hitting me up on Twitter. Thanks for your time and GO BLUE!


  1. Because I am at work I didn't have time to read it all, and will read the rest later. Pederson did his best hitting in the 8th spot last year, he struggled when they moved him to lead off. Granted I believe that his struggles were more because of fatigue then anything. Pitchers may have figured something out to contain him, and Mark teaching swing for the fence at all cost may have had something to do with it as well. But as a rookie playing a full MLB season can wear on your body.
    Either way looking pretty good this spring. I like Tryce, but I think he will be playing more I'm left than center this year more so because the Ethier injury.

    1. That is a very good point. To go along with that, Pederson was far less selective at pitches as well in the second half of the season. It was because of that, putting him in the 7th spot of the lineup with little more protection and less pressure then the top lineup made sense.

  2. I agree 100% with him batting 7th, I like the idea of 6, but having Gandal behind him is GOLD! A heathy Grandal and he protects the young man Pederson.

    I say bad timing with the Ethier injury, I have been and will be a fan of his. I have agreed with the idea of trading him for pitching because I want a Championship. While I like this line up, more so with Seager living up to the hype. I don't see a Championship line up.

    You didn't talk much about Carlos Frias who put up an extremely strong case for number 5 last night, and Wood as really underwhelmed all spring long. We have some young studs in the minors that I see getting a chance at some point.

    And I think we are all excited to see how Dave Roberts rookie year Managing goes. I expect some rookie mistakes but overall a great year for the Dodgers.

  3. This week will be filled with will posts about every position and what each players season will look like in 2016. Carlos Frias along with other players will be in these posts. There will also be another post about what to expect from Dave Roberts and what his potential is as the Dodgers Manager! Thanks for all the comments Teate! Keep them coming and hopefully we can add more readers to the discussions.

    With that. Frias did have a great start two nights ago. I am not a fan of Alex Wood. His mechanics are way to crazy to try and perfect every single pitch. Frias is making a real strong case for cracking the starting rotation at the start of the year. If Kazmir has to spend time on the DL or anyone else falls into that long list of Dodgers then Frias would be the one to replace them in the rotation.

  4. I have been a fan of Alex wood. But honestly I would like to see what Zach Lee has. Let's see what we spent 5 million so he didn't go to LSU.
    Urias should be in the minors one more year, as well as De Leon. Next year we should have a monster rotation.

  5. Yes, I agree. Dodgers are built for the 2017 and 2018 seasons. Not saying they can't compete this year but the goal is to have the roster in place come 2017. The potential is there for Lee, he just hasn't been able to find his stride as of yet. I would much rather have Lee in the starting rotation than Alex Wood.

  6. If Lee works with Maddux, that should help his control. That has been his problem. To many walks. But I want a strong bullpen more then anything.

  7. It will be interesting to see how Roberts manages the bullpen. I definitely did not like who Mattingly would bring into games at key situations. I'm also not sold on anyone in the bullpen except for J.P. Howell and Jensen. I can see a trade being made mid-season for another bullpen arm.

  8. Go dodgers. Baseball is back ! ! ! ! ! Can't wait to see what nasty stuff Kershaw has in store for us this year

    1. Hey Wes! Sorry for the late comment, thanks for your response! Go Dodgers!!


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