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Predicting 2016 Season for Dodgers Catchers

Starting with this post, I will be predicting the season stats for every player at each position on the Dodgers roster, beginning with the catchers. Dodgers have the potential of three catchers this year that could crouch behind the plate - Yasmani Grandal, A.J. Ellis and Austin Barnes.

Yasmani Grandal - Having the nagging forearm injury (inflammation) during the tail end of spring training has put a dampener on the Dodgers catching situation. If all goes as planned, Grandal can be back with the team starting April 9th in San Francisco. The issue when it comes to inflammation is it can come and go, possibly affecting him far much more than just during spring training and the start of the regular season. While hitting below average last year, Grandal did provide some pop from the catcher position that had very little offense in 2014. Provided that he can stay healthy throughout the year and the forearm issue is not reoccurring, Yasmani should provide about the same type of numbers this year. Below was his 2015 stats and my prediction for his upcoming season numbers.

2015                                               2016
AB - 355                                        AB - 325
R - 43                                             R - 45
HR - 16                                          HR - 15
RBI - 47                                         RBI - 40
SB - 0                                             SB - 1
AVG - 0.234                                  AVG - 0.240
OBP -  0.353                                  OBP - 0.350
SLUG - 0.403                                SLUG - 0.405
OPS - 0.756                                   OPS - 0.755
BB - 65                                          BB - 72
K - 92                                             K - 100

Yasmani's numbers for 2016 are quite similar. Depending where Roberts decides to place him in the lineup may alter his season numbers slightly. I based these numbers on the assumption that he will be hitting 8th in the lineup. With that, his walks are slightly higher than last year along with his strikeouts. Overall, still very decent production coming out of the eight hole in the lineup and the catching position.

A.J. Ellis - Expect him to be the back up catcher for 2016. Having not produced much on offense the last two seasons, Ellis still provides great defense behind the plate. The way he handles the pitching staff is also a huge plus, even if he is on the bench for most games. With the possibility of having younger pitchers at the back end of the rotation to start the year, A.J. could be an essential influence when it comes to mentoring the young arms. With that, here is Ellis's prediction for 2016.

2015                                               2016
AB - 181                                        AB - 220
R - 24                                             R - 28
HR - 7                                            HR - 7
RBI - 21                                         RBI - 28
SB - 0                                             SB - 0
AVG - 0.238                                  AVG - 0.222
OBP -  0.355                                  OBP - 0.335
SLUG - 0.403                                SLUG - 0.358
OPS - 0.756                                   OPS - 0.693
BB - 32                                          BB - 38
K - 38                                             K - 55

Austin Barnes - Being listed as the third catcher on the depth chart, Barnes will still see limited playing time this season. Here are his predictions for 2016.

2015                                               2016
AB - 29                                          AB - 40
R - 4                                               R - 7
HR - 0                                            HR - 2
RBI - 1                                           RBI - 6
SB - 1                                             SB - 1
AVG - 0.207                                  AVG - 0.255
OBP -  0.361                                  OBP - 0.320
SLUG - 0.276                                SLUG - 0.382
OPS - 0.637                                   OPS - 0.702
BB - 6                                            BB - 5
K - 6                                              K - 6

Coming up in the next post will be the 2016 predictions for First Base. Looking forward to the comments below and how the season turns out for the Dodgers catchers. GO BLUE!

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  1. I think you were a little tough on Grandal. He finished the season so bad because of a shoulder injury that required off-season surgery. I see him hitting 260-275 range. And up to 20 homeruns. I know you are predicting 8th. But I'm basing mine that he will be hitting 6th 7th or 8th depending on the day.

    Agree with Ellis.

    Barnes is extremely interesting. I think he may get more at bats because he may play some 2nd, given that I see 5-8 homeruns. Same batting avg. Just more at bats. Showing that he has pop this spring tho.

  2. I personally don't think I was too tough on Grandal. The reason I had his numbers low is because I am not sure he will be healthy all year long. It's not that he can't perform at the level of hitting 20 homeruns or getting 275 at bats. With the forearm injury early on this year, it could turn into a nagging injury for the entire season. Barnes will most likely become the backup once Ellis is no longer on the roster. He is a nice player to have because he can play other positions other than catcher. Turns the backup catcher into more of a utility role and you just don't see that very often.

  3. I'm not surprised you didn't think you were tough on him, it is your projection. Lol


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