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Dodgers 2nd Base and Short Stop Predictions

Happy April Fools! Just to be clear, these stat estimations are no joke! Dodgers could have been hurting at 2nd base without the re-signing of Howie Kendrick. If he had not signed in the off-season, there would have been more head scratching going on in terms of what the Dodgers front office's plan was. With the rookie Seager starting his first full year at the MLB level, everyone has high expectations for him. Will those expectations become reality in 2016?

Howie Kendrick - After another solid season in 2015, if Kendrick can stay healthy, nothing much should change for this up coming year. Even though he may not be in the opening day lineup, Howie will still be a key table setter at the top of the Dodgers lineup. He isn't your typical lead off hitter by any means, but he is very good at putting the ball in play and making the defense get him out. His great vision at the plate is also better than most. We have seen blunders in the lead-off spot in the past when Puig and Pederson would swing at anything.

2015                                               2016
       AB - 464                                        AB - 470
   R - 64                                             R - 65
     HR - 9                                            HR - 10
      RBI - 54                                         RBI - 60
 SB - 6                                             SB -5
           AVG - 0.295                                   AVG - 0.292
           OBP -  0.336                                  OBP - 0.338
             SLUG - 0.409                                 SLUG - 0.412
          OPS - 0.746                                    OPS - 0.750
   BB - 27                                           BB - 25
  K - 82                                              K - 85

Corey Seager - With only a months worth of games played at the Major League level, this is the hardest prediction to make as of yet. I am just going to come out and say it now, Seager will be the National League Rookie of the Year Award Winner for 2016. Hitting at the top of the lineup in between Kendrick and Gonzalez will give him plenty of protection and hitters counts. We already know Seager can succeed at the MLB level, it is going to come down to if he can do it for a full season. As we saw last year with Pederson, it seems that the season may have taken its toll on him as it wore on. If Seager can continue to make adjustments, and he will, then he will be at the top of all other rookies in 2016.

2015                                               2016
       AB - 98                                          AB - 560
   R - 17                                             R - 80
     HR - 4                                            HR - 20
      RBI - 17                                         RBI - 75
 SB - 2                                             SB - 7
           AVG - 0.337                                   AVG - 0.285
           OBP -  0.425                                  OBP - 0.320
             SLUG - 0.561                                SLUG - 0.450
          OPS - 0.986                                   OPS - 0.770
   BB - 14                                          BB - 45
  K - 19                                            K - 107
Coming up in tomorrows post will be the Dodgers Outfield predictions! Stay tuned and have a great weekend! Go BLUE!!


  1. I like both, I would like to know your thoughts on back ups as well.
    I do believe Kiki, would have done a good job as a 2nd baseman.

    I think Seager will bat near 290 and get 25 to 30 homeruns. And 80 to 90 RBIs

  2. Once the season starts I can put a post together going over all the backups if you would like? Tomorrow and Sunday will be outfielders and then the starters and Closer. I would be open to doing the backups after those. Kiki is a great player to have on any team just because of his versatility.

  3. I would really like to read your thoughts on on the back ups.

    Another thing you should look at is an article about how MLB would look with no trades and no free agents. Vary cool read.

  4. I will take that into consideration as well. Very good ideas, keep them coming.

  5. Bryce, you should do something on Ross being named the 5th starter! I'm excited to see that!

  6. That will be on Sunday's post when the Starting Pitchers predictions are made.


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