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Dodgers trying to avoid 4 game sweep at the hands of the Marlins

The Dodgers latest homestand has been a struggle. The Marlins have out played them in almost every category. The Dodgers are coming into game 4 tonight trying to salvage a win out of the series. Luckily for them, Maeda is taking the mound and he has been the best starting pitcher in baseball this year.

Maeda has a daunting task in front of him as he tries to cool down the surging power hitter, Stanton. Stanton has turned his early season around at the expense of the Dodgers. Even Clayton Kershaw couldn't keep his bat at bay as he was tagged by a Stanton 3-run homerun earlier in the series.

The Dodgers lineup has not done much, and will need to give Maeda some run support if they want to win tonight. Last night, Kazmir had the best start of the series for the Dodgers and could not get the win while only giving up 2 earned runs. With the starting pitching not being as reliable as in the past, and an extremely shaky bullpen to say the least, the pressure is on the offense even more than in previous seasons to score runs.

Utley has been a bright spot for the Dodgers early on this season. Even with the return of Howie Kendrick from the disabled list, it is very hard to keep Utley out of the lineup. So much so, that Kendrick has become somewhat of a super utility player. This can turn out to be a viable option for the Dodgers, especially once Kendrick's hitting heats up. Until then the Dodgers are looking for that spark in the lineup to get the offense going. Will tonight be the night? At any rate, baseball fans could be in for a treat with a duel between Maeda and the young flame thrower Jose Fernandez. Who will come out on top? We will find out in a few hours.

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  1. No need to panic. I think at some point the Dodgers will trade for a bullpen arm or two with all of their young tradable assets.

    1. It's not panic time yet. Dodgers are in first place at 12-11. Looks like the NL West may beat each other up pretty good. I think it will make for a close finish in the end. If the Dodgers want to contend they need to at least trade for two bullpen arms. Maybe even three and get an actual setup man.

    2. Yeah, they'll be fine. I kind of feel the same way with the angels. That division is going to beat each other up also. Dodgers are much better at than the angels are though!

    3. Dodgers should have stuck with the Chapman trade and acc3pted the suspension.

    4. They already burned bridges with Jansen because of the deal. I personally don't see him resigning after the year. I would of liked to have the Chapman deal go through again if they could have a redo. If the Dodgers are out of contention before the trade deadline, I could see them dealing Jansen.


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