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Dodgers vs Padres "Opening Day" April 4th 2016

Dodgers WIN! 15-0

Even though the final score was 15-0, this game was over after the third inning when the Dodgers padded the lead to make it 3-0 off of Turners double. You could even make a case to say the game was over after the top of the 1st inning with how Kershaw was pitching today. As Vin said "The Padres should've gone to the beach today!"

For the Dodgers to compete this year, Kershaw will need to pitch like he did today every time he takes the mound. Even for him that may be a feat that he cannot reach. The bullpen has not been tested and the 4th and 5th starters have not made their starts yet. It may be a little too soon to say that the Dodgers will be just fine this year.

It was great to see the middle of the Dodgers lineup absolutely on fire! It would be nice if they can put up 15 runs a game. Unfortunately that is not going to happen, and the question still remains, is there enough help in the bullpen besides Howell and Jensen? For the Dodgers to compete this year, they need to make a trade for an additional relief pitcher. Not to mention the long list of players on the DL needs to get shorter.

Overall, you couldn't have asked for a better opening game to the season. I am going to finish this post by making a bold prediction - Trayce Thompson will take over playing left field everyday for Carl Crawford before Ethier returns from his injury. Am I right or wrong? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter! @BleednBlueBlog


  1. Not much to say after that opening day!

    1. What what do you think about my prediction about Trayce Thompson?

    2. I'm a fan of his, and I hope he earns it.

      But he wasn't super impressive in spring.


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