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Dave Roberts' Grade for 2016

Should Dave Roberts win the Manager of the Year Award for 2016? 

Without a doubt! No discredit to Joe Maddon and what he did with the Cubs this year. Everyone expected the Cubs to contend for the WS and anything but a ticket into the WS would of been a disappointment for the Cubs and their fans. 

Dave Roberts took the Dodgers to the NLCS, a place that half way through the regular season not many people were even considered to make the playoffs. Roberts was the glue that kept putting the pieces back together this year. The Dodgers had the highest total ever, yes EVER, since the stat has been tracked for putting the most players on the disabled list. When Roberts' wasn't busy re-organizing his lineup card or trying to figure who was going to start the next game, it seemed as if he was one of the guys in the club house. Calm, cool and collected during the crucial parts of managing a baseball game to raising his arms and cheering for joy like a fan in the stands when a Homerun is hit, made it real easy for not only the players to fall in love with him but also the fans as well. 

With all that the Dodgers had to go through in 2016 just to be able to get to the NLCS is a successful season to say the least. The way Roberts handled the bullpen and mixing in different starters almost daily without batting an eye, is the reason I for one am excited about the bright future for the Dodgers.

Score: A

I give Roberts an A this year. Quite honestly, I could of even easily given him an A+. Since, there is always room for improvement, in this case it is making it to the World Series, I did the same for his rating as well. What would you give Roberts score in his first year? Does he win the MOTY? Leave a comment! As always follow @BleednBlueblog on Twitter! More posts coming soon! #GoBlue!


  1. I can't disagree. He managed a team with more injuries then any other team in history To the NLCS.


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