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Bellinger does it again as Dodger's get 60th win!

You know things are going the Dodgers way when the opposing team gives up 4 walks in a half inning - let alone in the bottom of the 10th throwing the game away. No pun intended. A lot happened to even get to that point of the game though.

McCarthy,coming back from the disabled list pitched a great game. A complete turn around from his previous outing. The question marks in this game came when the bullpen took over. It appears the Brandon Marrow experiment is just that, an experiment. Seems hard to trust him in any type of close situation and at this point Marrow may just be fighting Chris Hatcher when he returns from the DL for the "mop-up" role. Baez did a fantastic job of getting out of a bases loaded jam with one out in the 7th inning. However, Salvador Perez would launch a home run soon after in the top of the 8th inning. 

Luckily Dodgers have a guy named Cody Bellinger. Cody hit an opposite field shot in the bottom of the 8th to tie the game back up at four. He once again came up in the bottom of the 10th with the bases loaded. This time though drawing a walk-off walk. Pretty rare a team can win a game when they are 0 for 6 as a team with runners in scoring position. 

Even with the tear the Dodgers are on, it appears they still may have a couple of question marks. Probably the biggest one is the setup man or the 7th inning role. Baez has been really consistent for Dave Roberts, but come playoff time an additional arm may be key for one of those spots. Another starting pitcher may be key for the Dodgers to get over the hump and into the World Series. What are your thoughts on who the Dodgers should go after for a relief and starting pitcher? Or do you think the Dodgers should go after a different position? 


  1. Dodgers should try to get a RP, mainly because that would cost less.
    I don't want to give up Alex Verdugo, he seems like he would be a great lead off hitter. Not much power but gets a lot of hits. With him, Joc, and Puig we would have the best Defensive outfield in the national league if not the MLB. Plus no body is running on Puig or Verdugo (saw Verdugo throw a guy out at home with a ball thrown 98 mph per stat cast.)
    I don't think we need a SP because I am a big fan of Brock Stewart

  2. Fair enough, what do you think of Verdugo as a lead off hitter?

  3. If he keeps doing what he is doing now, then I think he will definitely be the Dodgers future lead off hitter.


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