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Dodgers win 8th in a row behind Bellinger and Wood

Dodger's bats came alive in the top of the 3rd inning. Scoring a total of five runs in the inning thanks to two home runs. A two-run shot by Cody Bellinger and a three-run home run by Yasmani Grandal. Both home runs came with two outs after Justin Turner grounded into a double play with runners on first and second. Wood pitched six scoreless innings and got the win tonight.

Alex Wood looked like the same pitcher he was in the first half of the season. He pounded the strike zone, and enduced a lot of ground balls and soft contact from the Marlins lineup. Wood is the first pitcher in Dodger history to win his first eleven decisions. Win's is an irrelevant stat when it comes to how good a starting pitcher is. In this case though, Wood's record is an exact picture of just how consitent he has been all year long. He has now etched his way into Dodger history. If there were no Kershaw's or Scherzer's in the National League, Wood would most certainly be a shoe in for the Cy Young award. With the season Alex has had so far, it shows how impressive Clayton and Max are to be able to put together these type of seasons year after year. Even if Wood doesn't get the Cy Young he should be the top runner for "Most Improved Player". Either way every single present and future Dodger fan will remember this season that Alex Wood is having.

As I mentioned before Bellinger added his 26th home run of the year, tying Joey Votto and Giancarlo Stanton with the most in the National League. Cody also finished the game 4 for 5 tonight and hit for the cycle. Cody ripped a line drive on the first pitch he saw in the top of the 7th for a triple to complete only the third cycle in Dodger history since the move to Los Angeles in 1957. It is the first cycle since Orlando Hudson hit for it on opening day in 2009. Cody can do it all, and it is crazy to think he just turned 22 years old! If Bellinger can stay healthy the rest of the year and continue to put up consistent numbers, there is no doubt he will be in the NL MVP conversation. If he can win both the NL Rookie of the Year Award and MVP, Cody will become the first player in the National League to win both awards in the same season. This has only ever happened two other times; both coming in the American League in 2001 (Ichiro Suzuki) and 1975 (Fred Lynn).

Since we have brought up most of the National League Awards, we might as well mention the Manager of the Year. At this rate Dave Roberts has the award for the taking. Roberts would tie Bobby Cox (2005) as the only manager to win the award in consecutive seasons.

The Dodgers are now on a 28-4 stretch. The last team to have the same type of stretch was the Oakland A's who did it twice in back to back seasons (2001, 2002). With a Houston Astros loss tonight, the Dodgers are now a game and a half ahead for the best record in baseball. Dodgers send Rich Hill (5-4 3.69 ERA) to the mound tomorrow to try and complete the sweep in Miami and add to their current winning streak.

For fun - What are your some of your mid-season predictions on the NL and AL Awards?

Here are mine:

NL MVP - Cody Bellinger
AL MVP - Mike Trout

NL Cy Young - Max Scherzer
AL Cy Young - Chris Sale

NL ROY - Cody Bellinger
AL ROY - Aaron Judge


  1. Hard to say Trout when he has missed a lot of time. So I am going to say Correa.
    Hard to argue against Bellinger. We have an historic record, since he has been called up.

    Sale is the front runner, and I don't know if anyone is going to be able to catch him.

    I hope Kershaw catchs Max, Max is having a great year. And Kershaw is right behind him. If Kershaw gets 25 wins and is close in everything else. I think he wins.

    ROY, everyone knows

    1. Angels wouldn't be fighting for the 2nd wild card spot if it wasn't for Trout. I thought about skipping the ROY. lol

  2. I disagree, the Angels have been playing above their heads.
    Trout is the best player in the game. No doubt. But he has missed a lot time.
    So I think we may see ROY Judge, and ROY Bellinger both win MVP

  3. It's tough to give it to Trout when he has missed 6 weeks. It's a shame to see the guy who had finished 1st or 2nd in the MVP voting in all 5 of his full seasons to have been putting up the best offensive season of his career to miss 6 weeks. I wonder where his numbers would have been in comparison with Judge.

  4. Trout has missed roughly half of the games the Angels have played. While it's tough to say he would double his output if he didn't miss those games, if he did he would have more home runs, rbi's and a higher batting average than Judge while Judge would have scored more runs.

    1. If Teout can put up the same numbers before he was hurt he may be able to catch up. Judge has to have a slow 2nd half.


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