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Potential Second Half Dodger Trades

The Dodgers have the best record in baseball, but that doesnt mean you dont look for ways to improve your ball club. Friedman has already said he doesnt like the idea of changing the team chemistry by making a block buster trade. Based on that, it would appear there would have to be top prospects involved in making a trade. I am very high on Alex Verdugo, and would be hesitant to move him even if it means adding a key player to a potential World Series caliber team. With that, all of these possible trades would most likely have to include Verdugo for the trade talks to even make any progress. Here are some potential trades that could happen this season before the trade deadline.

Brad Hand (San Diego Padres) -  A 2017 All-Star, Hand has been the most effective and consistent relief pitcher the Padres have had all year. Having a career year so far this year, Brad would become the setup man to Jansen. The Padres GM has already stated that for the Dodgers to land Hand, Verdugo would have to be going to the Padres in return. Seems like a high price for a pitcher who has had the best half of a regular season of his career to date. It would have to take a lot for the Dodgers to consider a trade like this. (i.e., Trade Market, injuries, etc.)

Zach Britton (Baltimore Orioles) - Trading a player like Verugo for a pitcher like Britton would have a little more upside than it would for Brad Hand. Zach has a lot better track record than Hand does. Britton has also been one of the best closers in the game for the past few seasons. Injuries have slowed him down some in 2017, but he has still been an outstanding closer for the Orioles. If the Dodgers were to pull the trigger on Britton he would most likely become the setup man. Essentially turning the Dodgers into one of the most potent if not the best in the game.

Andrew McCutchen (Pittsburgh Pirates) - With Andrew's unconvential season last year with career worst stats, this may be the year for the Dodgers to pull the trigger and acquire an All-Star type player to play right field. Puig has been very good this year defensivley and arguably one of the best 8th hitters in all of baseball. For a trade like this to happen, Dodgers would have to struggle out of the gate starting the second half of the season or injuries force the front office to make a move. If something does happen, this could be the perfect time for the Dodgers to buy in on one of the most solid baseball players in the game. Another thing to mention is in a deal like this Puig would probably also be included in a package back to the Pirates.

Yu Darvish (Texas Rangers) - Darvish may be available this year at the trade deadline with Texas so far back in the AL West standings. When Darvish is available may depend on the starting pitching market this year and if the Rangers are out of the wild card race sooner rather than later. Yu would be an "All-Star" caliber pitcher to add to the All-Star starting pitchers' Clayton Kershaw and Alex Wood. Darvish would be one of the best game three starters of all the teams to make the playoffs this year. With the return the White Sox got on Quintana from the Cubs, it seems the price for starting pitching is high this year. The Dodgers would seemingly have to give up a lot of prospects and most likely and MLB ready player to be able to get Yu Darvish on a plane headed for LA.

Do you think I got it right? Or do you think there are other players the Dodgers should go after? Let me know. Let's go Dodgers!


  1. Dodgers should go all in this year. This is their best team I've seen in a while. They are easily the most complete team in baseball. It's them, the nationals, and the astros. Astros and nationals have questionable bullpens, so the Dodgers should go all in.

  2. Can you explain more of going all in?

    I would like to see a trade, I don't want hand... mainly because I don't want trading Verdugo to them coming back to bite us.
    I like the Idea of Darvish, and I think that's who the dodgers should go after. Only don't trade Bulcher

  3. You get britton and/or dervish if you can. They already have a great young core in the majors now.

  4. I feel the Dodgers are in a unique position that teams past and present have had the opportunity to work with. Since the Dodgers are a pretty complete team, they may not need a big acquisition like so many teams in the past that have won the World Series. Dodgers may be able to just add some depth while keeping their core top prospects and still improving the team to make a run at a World Championship.

  5. That being said, and arm like Darvish and Britton could still bring a championship this year and even more in the future.

  6. Well, they are the most complete team in baseball, but they could use a rh starter and an 8th inning guy.

  7. Baez has been a fantastic 8th inning guy.

    1. Baez would move into the 7th inning role. Making the Dodgers bullpen the best in the league.


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